McCalls 6070 as a maternity dress

For the Class of ’11 Graduation, I was giving out the diplomas to what may be my last class of seniors and I was not going to miss it for the world! I was 36 weeks pregnant and needed a dress to wear, so I used McCalls 6070 with modifications to make a maternity dress. Here it is at the event.

Not my most flattering cut, but I fit the dress around the boobs and altered the waistband and skirt to fit the belly. I wore it with those preggo support leggings to help my back, but looking at the photos I am regretting the overall effect. I should have shortened them to above knee length   so you couldn’t see them for a more proportional look.

Anyway, I modified the skirt so it didn’t gather all the way around but rather mostly at CF (5″ extra for bump) and some at CB (3″) , so I shaped the skirt pattern pieces to be more of an A-Line rather than a large rectangle. I was hoping for a smoother fit at the waist and hips so it didn’t look sack-like.  I also put in the elastic, which most people leave out, along the top of the waistband to keep it tighter above the bump, otherwise the bump was pulling the CF and causing gaping. I overlapped the CF crossover panels more than recommended by the pattern (about 1.5 ” more) . The pattern was a quick sew and I didn’t really do much finishing to the inside (messy messy).

I brought this now huge dress to Brazil thinking I might alter it to fit my post-baby figure ( smaller than my pre-baby figure hurray!). I threw it on while my husband was watching the baby and he took one look and pronounced it “ugly.” I have to agree.  Empire waistlines are hit or miss with my deeply arched lower spine, either looking pretty or pregnant.  I still look pregnant in this thing. So I am taking it apart and planning to up-cycle the dress into something else. As I have entered the Red Dress Competition, I am hoping to get it done by the end of the month. I am just waiting to hear up-cycling is allowed according to the rules.