The Couture Dress Update

Well I have ordered my fabric. I’ve been sewing for years and I have never sewn with wool (lived in the tropics so never saw the sense) or silk (a little pricey for me though with my fit being more successful in recent years I’ve splurged on some silk dupioni but never sewed it up) or plaid.  So this Marc Jacobs fabric has all three.

It was on sale at Farbicmart and it was purple! It hit all the high marks and supposedly it is lightweight tropical wool. We’ll see when I see it. Alas, I had it shipped to my PO in the US, and was planning on having a friend ship it to me, but seeing the postal rates and the 50% import taxes, I am going to have to wait until June when I journey back stateside.

In the meantime, here are a few dresses that I find inspiring in their use of plaid. The red and black one with shoulder drape and belt is my favorite. Maybe after a little more practice with plaid and pattern drafting I’ll make a go at that one.