Update on my little red dress

Well my machine is done and we picked it up today. Alas, we are making a trip to Ipatinga to visit my MIL this weekend. It was vaguely planned for earlier in the month but my husband decided to get the tickets yesterday. That means an 8 hour bus ride each way and a week plus at her house. So that means my dress is on pause until we get back, which is after the deadline!

My little red dress is “dead.”

Oh well! It was my first contest at pattern review even though I’ve been reading the reviews and lurking there since like 2008 or something. And here I thought being an at home mom would give me more time to sew! Little did I know! I want to enter another contest, but I am NOT making a swimsuit and I don’t have any vintage patterns unless you count one I bought in the 90s!