I finished something!

With all the machine problems and whatnot, I have felt like my sewing was stuck in limbo. But finally I have finished a project, entirely cut and sewn in Brazil around naptime!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I cut this pink Rayon snakeskin using Burda 7379. Here’s the  front:

I love how the stripe on the fabric looks so pretty when cut on the bias. This pattern was entirely cut on the bias, which was a first for me.

And here’s the back:

I am thinking this will look good with jeans or with a black skirt, maybe tucked into the skirt. I have some black linen in my stash so I am toying with the idea of sewing up that soon. Here’s the front ruffle:

I am also proud that I used several couture techniques so its “quasi-couture.” I seam bound the seams and used the armhole and neckline bindings provided using hand-stitching. The only raw edges are on the ruffle. I’m worried that its going to be a gnarly mess in short order but we shall see. I have the full pattern review here.

Next up I have to finish my husband’s green shirt. Remember his Dec 2011 birthday present? Yeah that one!