Happy Birthday 3 months later…

I finished my husband’s birthday present! Finally!

What an odyssey. I didn’t even cut the muslin out until a month after his birthday and then practiced Susan’s couture muslin techniques to the letter so that took a significant amount of time. As for the actual fashion fabric I didn’t use any couture techniques unless you count the hand stitched collar facing. Hurray for my first menswear project. The biggest change I would make is in the collar. I think I needed a heavier facing to get the professional look this collar doesn’t have. My husband doesn’t mind thought. Here is the center front zipper.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do an exterior zipper like so many fashion houses have done because a) the zipper was too short and a hunter green, and b) it looked really sloppy when I pinned it out the first time. Also I have never really worked with stretch cotton sateen and I loved it for the sheen and the stretch, but I hated that the hand-picked stitches really show up on the outside. Anyway here is the pattern review.