I’m a Statistic!

I emailed StyleArc a question about their membership and Chloe responded promptly and also informed me I’m the first person in Brazil to order Style Arc patterns! How cool is that!

And just for fun, here’s my beige pants paired with a long tunic to cover the trouble I had with the fit. I look a little shorter than 5’2″ don’t you think? This is for my Wardrobe basics sew-a-long instead of the camel skirt. I have more of this fabric so I might use a Style Arc pattern to make another pair of pants and see if it works better.

In other news, I’ve found some time to start my RTW contest entry so I’ll be posting more about that soon. I’ve incorporated 2 new couture techniques in this project and 1 of my homemade ones so once I get some new batteries I’ll be posting all about those!