What an awesome Jacket class!

I have been so busy working on my MA in Asheville, but I’m never too busy to sew. I signed up for a Cynthia Guffey jacket fitting 4 day workshop! She was at the local fabric store Waetchers. This place was a seamstress’ candy store!

Anyway, We used Cynthia’s basic jacket patterns with princess seams through the shoulders. She is very energetic, insightful, and downright awesome. I had so much fun, though I felt like a kid. I was at least 15 years younger than everyone. She has this entire method of how to fit, starting in the shoulder and bust area. Once you get that nailed, the rest is easy. I can’t beleive how many fitting problems she identified that I have that I thought were bicep issues, armhole issues, bust issues, when they were all shoulder area problems that were causing problems to appear in other areas of the body. And look at how narrow she was able to get a straight grain sleeve! All because of having proper shoulder fit. I highly recommend taking a class with her!

One thing Cynthia included in the workshop was color matching. She took those who were interested over to the fabric section and discussed color options, textures, etc. that worked with our hair, eyes, skin, and body type. She also talked about where hems should go and why. She is planning her next workshop at Waetcher’s a little differently with the garment fitting portion, and a Sunday (optional) day where the store will be closed to the public and she will walk around and talk about colors, textures, etc. and how to work them on your body for the most flattering style to match your now flattering fit.

So I left my workshop with a partial version of her full day color matching because I am going back to Brazil and won’t be in town for that day. I now have the jacket muslin, copper gold silk noil (center swatch) for my fabric with matching buttons, and a color coordinating set of fabric swatches that match me and my new jacket when its done. She informed me black does not look good on everyone, and that I should rely on chocolate brown and navy, but if I really had to, just keep the pretty colors near my face and put the black and colors that aren’t perfect for me on my lower half. Definitely keep an eye out for these fabrics to appear! I bought fabric in almost every color on this wheel and the findings so when I get home, I’ll have everything I need to start building my post-baby work outfits. I have also put these swatches in a little ziplock back so I can carry them to the store when I buy other items like t-shirts, blouses, etc. I have a part-time job offer that needs business attire as soon as my work visa comes in. So I have a lot of work to do!