My New Vogue Picks

In order of most lovely to highly desired:

V8849: Love that back detail with the front peplum so it looks like two pieces in one! I can see this several ways and all are just beautiful! It would also be a nice pattern to play with some of the lace couture techniques Frabjous Couture has on her blog.

V1330: At first I wasn’t keen on this sample, but after reading the description is seems like this dress would challenge any seamstress with a variety of techniques. I can also see it in contrasting sheer like V8849’s lace top. I would really like to see how they put all the boning and infrastructure into this dress.

V1329: This one is simple and chic. I’ve never been bitten by one of KU’s designs before, but the waist detail, color blocking, and flattering princess seaming makes this one interest me. I can see this being a great work sheath/wardrobe staple.

V8847: I love this print. I also love the simple lines of the dress. I love showcasing beautiful prints, and this style sleeve is one I enjoy. I could see this in a light cotton or in a heavier linen and it would work for all seasons here in Rio. I want to buy it today and sew up my loose woven green print from Flamengo in this one. I also want the fabric they used to make the sample!

After those four, there are a few maybes:

V8845: This Shaeffer jacket is great, but I have so many great suit jacket patterns and I have yet to sew a completed suit jacket in all my years of sewing. Wait, I did one in high school for a 4-H project in a horrible purple and black polka dot quilting cotton that faded after a few washings. However, if they were having a pattern sale and I was getting my other patterns, I would get this for her directions, since she always has something interesting in her sewing techniques but my Chanel jacket is still going to be my first adult suit jacket completed.

V8856: I really don’t like this sample at all, but the pattern has three cute blocked t-shirts. Of course the two views I like are the ones they didn’t sew up, which makes you wonder right? Anyway, I like knits and I like pieces that look great with jeans and are more unique than what you can pick up at Old Navy. I want to see some reviews though before I shell out the cash.

V8846: Again I love the print and how this dress shows it off. The back detail is also interesting, but I can’t really tell from the pictures if you can see the waist or not. With my bottom-heavy hourglass figure, a nip-in on the torso is a must. Again, going to have to wait for some better pictures in the blogosphere before cutting into a pretty print.

V8852: This looks like a formal infinity dress, but again I don’t like their sample fabric choice. I see this as a summer maxi in another beautiful print. I sense that I’m in a print happy frame of mind these days. Anyway, this seems like an easy breezy dress with plenty of bodice structure and its for woven fabrics, which is something I haven’t seen in any of the infinity dress patterns before.

There are some other pretty patterns like V8858 and V8850 that I wouldn’t wear, though V8858 would be a great wardrobe staple for flamenco dancers. And they win the “what were they thinking!?!” prize for V1332. That jacket makes the model’s shoulder resemble a line-backer! Just what every woman wants.  I look forward to seeing what McCalls comes out with next!