Love this stuff!

I have found a new notion that I love: Tracing Paper!

I was introduced to tracing paper on the roll (also known as drafting paper) during my jacket class this summer. I brought home a roll and stashed it until today. I want to make Burda Mag 07-2012 dress #102. To be honest, I have only made one dress from a Burda Magazine before, mostly because of the hassle that comes with tracing off the pattern from the eye-straining pattern sheets onto legal sized pieces of tracing paper and taping it all together. This at least cuts out the large pieces of tracing paper so I was able to trace off the large dress pieces in one pass. Awesome! And at $11 a roll on Amazon! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner considering I keep buying the damn magazine and not using them. Manequin, Molde & Cia, and Patrones also use these crazy pattern sheets (all in Brazil) so maybe I’s start playing with those patterns too!

PS dress 102 is going to be in that light weight cotton print I bought in Flamengo! I finally found a zipper-less pattern that will work with such a loose weave…I hope! More later =)