Muslins, muslins, muslins!

Finally, I have internet! Though without Facebook, I’ve gotten quite a few things done. Rather than just shoving a ton of stuff into one post, I’m going to start with the three muslins I have in process right now and catch you up on the completed projects a little later.

Up first, Burda 03/2011 #138 (plus size) t-shirt.

burda t-shirt muslin for gold fabricYou may notice something different about me…I’ve lost more weight! Whee! This is now the smallest plus size 44. I think pretty soon I won’t be limited to only Burda plus! Really 44 is also in some of the “regular” patterns as well so I’m looking through my issues, excited about my new options! Anyway, this is a cream knit jersey for the wearable muslin. I cut the short sleeves from #138 (tunic) and the length for #137 (t-shirt). I’m going to add in the neckline from #139 (dress) because this neckline, while nice, is too exposed. When I hold my son, he tends to drag on my clothes or pull on them when he’s walking. I really don’t want to flash my neighbors. Also I need to shorten the length by 2″ I think. This hits the top of my hips and I want more of a normal tee rather than a long almost tunic length tee. Either way, this is an easy pattern with raglan sleeves that will be a great basic for my scanty wardrobe. I want to make it up in the fabric my husband bought for my birthday last month: metallic gold knit fabric of mysterious fiber content. Weight loss is great, but it means I’ve had to spend a lot of my sewing time in the last two months altering some of my old clothes so they fit. And my next few projects are going to be quick and easy ones to fill out my wardrobe needs.

Second is Style Arc’s peasant style blouse.

Style arc peasant top muslinOops on the blurry but this was the best shot I took. I like the neckline, but I need to take 5-6″ out of the waist so it doesn’t look so sack-like. Part of the problem is that I ordered these patterns a year ago and they only come in one size. I need to whittle this down about two sizes. I do enjoy their pattern quality and style, but considering the cost of shipping to Brazil, and the one size only aspect, I may not order from them again. Or at least wait until I get to my goals and maintain for awhile before I commit a pretty penny into the new correct sizes.

Muslin #3 is New Look 6515 but none of the pictures came out. I didn’t install the side zip and therefore the fit couldn’t be assessed properly. I really need to put in the zipper before I start making adjustments. I know just from pinning the side slit that I probably need to narrow the back and slant the shoulder angle. I learned all about the shoulder angle adjustment in my jacket class this summer but it is a pain! On the upside I found a real life application to those “rise-over-run” aka “finding the slope” math problems from high school. Whee… I want to make the final version of this one in either the dark royal blue cotton eyelet (bought in Ipatinga last year) or the red cotton silk blend with satin finish (bought in NC this summer) but either way I need to work on this muslin more.

Lesson learned: don’t skip putting in the damn zipper! Baste it in and quit trying to cut corners. Honestly I feel I make more mistakes rushing the clock during nap time than just doing it right and sewing slower. Time management takes on an entirely new meaning when dealing with a child.