Finished Projects!

Not that I had a sewing frenzy, but here are 4 finished pieces! After hitting the snag with my jacket, I whipped up this cute maxi skirt. I love this skirt and I love that it was so easy! I did take the time to finish all the edges with French Seams so it took longer than 2-3 hrs, but I think the extra finishing touches add quality and longevity. That’s why we sew, right? Unfortunately I now realize that I don’t have a top that really goes with it! I tend to like longer tops and this one really needs a shorter hemline. Clearly need to start planning.

It’s B5330, the same pattern I used for my pajama party pants. Full Pattern Review here.

brazilian maxi skirt

Now I’ve been doing some upcycling over the past few months, but I’m finally getting around to doing the finishing touches. This red tee was originally that red knit maternity dress I wrote about here. I had everything but the neckline done and I needed a new shirt to wear to a birthday party so I finished it. I can’t believe its been sitting and all it needed was 5 minutes of my time.

red tee with necklace red shirt backI only did white top stitching because I didn’t have a spool of red thread and I didn’t feel like walking to the store to buy one. With the white beaded necklace, I think it looks just fine. No pattern required, though keeping the neckline square was an amusing challenge.

And the final project is my First Wiggle Dress inspired by Gertie. She wore a green and white microdot vintage style dress during one of her class videos and I just had to have one. I actually made this in January when I didn’t have internet and I think her class video was just stuck in my mind. My husband helped me take good pictures of it yesterday. I am tired of posting oddly angled one-armed photos of myself! Hurray for husbands!blk wht wiggle frontI bought M6318 (OOP now) last summer with the intention of using view A. However, when I searched my stash for a dress that would mimic Gertie’s neckline, this one jumped out at me.

blk wht wiggle sideAs you can see from the side, there are a few minor fit issues, but one in particular makes this difficult to wear. I couldn’t get the shoulder slope 100 %  and the neckline finishes rather wide, so the straps slip down my arms exposing my bra and restricting my arm movement. I have no idea how to adjust the pattern to fix this so I won’t be making it again. Also the embroidered linen I used is not holding up well around the waist line pleats. I know, I should have underlined it, but I didn’t. Full pattern review here.

Now I need to oil my machine and get ready for next week. I will continue my jacket and I hope to squeeze in another upcycle and quick new project so that my wardrobe will expand to fit my new svelte figure!