New Fabrics for your viewing pleasure!

We went to Ipatinga for Easter and spent 3 weeks there. I didn’t get to sew, but I did find new fabric. For some reason I can find several great ones there, but have a harder time finding gems here in Rio. First I came across a fabric store that specialized in knit fabrics. They made up clothes and sheet sets for the front half of the store and the bolts and cutting table were in the back. Seems like a good mix for a fabric store to make some money from non-sewers as well.

fabric by the kiloI also managed to hit a sale: R$ 10 for a Kilo. I have never seen a store sell by weight before. I got this lovely dark purple jersey (roughly 2.5M) and this red jersey that has a sheen too it (roughly 2.5M too) for R$ 16.00. I’m guessing I’ll get at least two dresses and two tops from this fabric which would be R$ 4 or US$ 2 per piece. You can’t beat that for cotton blend jersey.

orange and black fabricAt another store I found this beauty. It is a stretch poly satin in shades of orange and cream with what looks like a black crocheted stretch mesh glued to the top. It is a 3 dimensional fabric and that feels cool. It was also pricey at R$25  a meter. I only got 1.5 M thinking I would make a cute top for jeans, but it turned out to be wider than I expected so I might get a dress or tunic out of it, if its sleeveless. I’m still thinking about this one. Now to set up my machine and get to sewing!