I suddenly think I need to learn French

I want this skirt! This gorgeous skirt is from the pattern company Deer and Doe, based in France.

They have other adorable patterns too. The shop and patterns have English so why do I need to learn French? Because their blog is in French and their Deer and Doe addicts blog is also in French. All those lovely chic French seamstresses to get ideas from and read about their lives in Paris. Ahh, Paris. I’ve always wanted to go there. I went to Germany once and I wasn’t thinking straight, otherwise I would have used the great public transit and traveled to Paris while I was there. Le sigh. I will get there! My husband has family in Portugal that we want to visit. I want to see Spain and France when we go. Can you imagine how much fun that will be? Its still a few years down the road, and many pennies to be saved, but its fun to look forward to!