Another StyleArc and some other things

Well I am truly a StyleArc convert. I whipped up the Laura leggings expecting a saggy baggy mess and got the best fitting pair of leggings I’ve ever made. I’m not going to take crotch pics in leggings, sorry. That’s just a little too personal.

laura leggingsThe only change I made was to shorten them by 3″. I found the fit very similar to the RTW pairs. This grey knit was leftover from my infinity dress and I am so happy to have a winter clothing item! I want to lengthen the back crotch seam a smidge for the next pair, but compared to the McCalls 6173 that were completely unwearable as a muslin, I am super excited and hope the other two pant patterns fit well with minor adjustments. One little odd note, this pattern had 1/4″ seam allowances which was smaller than the Laura jacket. Not a problem, I’m just glad I caught that before a started sewing at 3/8″.

backpack upcycleI ran off this fun backpack for my husband. I upcycled one of his old uniforms that are made in this heavy cotton twill. He’s used it every day since I made it, which makes me happy since he’s never worn the shirt I made him.

green each outfit

I made this tank out of the leftover bits of fabric from my husband’s shirt and B5493. I love that it matches the maxi skirt I made but seriously this top is NOT flattering. It is comfortable! My son has figured out posing, so almost every shot had him blocking the skirt.

green and purple outfit green and purple outfit back

And finally, a simple upcycled knit pencil skirt that was a Burdastyle Lydia tee post-pregnancy size. After seeing the first pictures, I like the top better with the belt. I also failed with the sway back adjustment. There are a ton of tutorials online, and the one I followed suggested curving the side seams in order to smooth the fabric around the back arch. FAIL! If I make this top again, I’m going to have to put in a center back seam and try a different technique for dealing with my sway back. I will also consider adding waist shaping and a side zip.

That catches me up to the end of April. I have just my jacket muslin and a skirt muslin in process and I’m ready to start my May Burdastyle Sew-A-Long. I’ll keep you posted!