My Burda Story

As I mentioned briefly, I am participating in the Burda Sew-a-Long with other ladies in the Southern Hemisphere courtesy of TheCuriousKiwi. Here is my “Burda Story.”

How did you discover Burda Magazine? The internet and Blogosphere way back in 2008.

What have you made from Burda Magazine?

This is my first and only Burda project I completed before moving to Brazil (not counting a downloadable Malissa variation I did before the English Burda merged with It is 10-2008-114. After discovering Burda, I purchased 4 magazines through Ebay. This was the first one I purchased. I loved it, so I picked up a few more.

I ended up with 3 issues in English and one in French. For my second Burda project, I traced off a dress from the French 08/2008 issue, and had a huge flop due to the lack of directions. I wanted to wear it to chaperone prom.

This one was completed by Fehr Trade.

I love the bodice details! Anyway, after this second project failure and shelling out quite a bit on Ebay with shipping, I decided to stop buying the issues. I also did not have an effective trick for tracing off the patterns so I was using poster sized sheer vellum that I picked up from the local printer’s leftover bins. The paper was leftover from wedding invitations, so it was heavier and harder to work with than the drafting paper I use now.

I didn’t pick up another Burda until I found them on the newsstands here in Brazil. I left my few issues in storage, so all I have are Portuguese ones. What has been really fun is that they package old issues (mostly from 2010 and 2011) in sets of 2 for R$ 9.90 and the new issues are several months late for R$ 10.90. I am currently waiting for the February 2013 issue. I’ve collected 12 issues in the past 8 months, though I’ve missed a few and skipped a few. I really didn’t feel like buying winter issues when I was sweating buckets. Now that its cold I am slightly regretting that decision, but I do have plenty of stuff to choose from in the issues I do have.

Do you have a favorite issue?

It is so hard to choose! I would say my favorite right now is 01/2012.

marked fav issueLots of arrows! I love the funnel neck jacket and the ruffle neck cardigan. I love the two plus tunics and the two sexy black dresses. I love the wrap top that is in several places in this issue. And finally the sexy undergarments that just scream “new techniques to learn.” As of yet, I haven’t made one thing from this issue. Funny huh? I now feel I should plan something for the sew-a-long from here, but what?

Anyway, I still hate tracing off patterns from those ridiculous pattern sheets, but now that there are NO paper patterns available and they are all in these magazine formats, I choose Burda as my favorite of the magazines here.  I think many Brazilians sew for special occasions so the sewing magazines reflect that with a lot of cute cocktail dresses. I like that Burda covers the spectrum from casual to work to dress up clothes. I also love that large community that has developed online and the availability of English directions from Burda

Fun Fact: I am now wearing size 44 again, which is the same size I made the 10-2008-114 top in. How exciting!