My Silhouette Toolkit

Before I go any further with my Silhouette Project, it is time to share some of my discoveries. I am a Bottom-heavy Hourglass. Hot damn! So much for reading up on all those “How To Be a Pear” articles! It means my bust isn’t quite busty enough for a true hourglass but my bottom half has shrunk out of true pear territory. Another inch off my waist and a good padded bra and I would be inside the hourglass box! Based on my hair, eyes, and skin tones, my color palette is Deep Autumn best suited for warm & rich colors. How do I know? I found the Cardigan Empire thanks to Stephanie’s comment on my A-Line skirt!  Look at Reachel’s cute button for the hourglass figure!

First: Go to her how to measure tutorial. While many may assume their body type based on the mirror, she provides a mathematical formula that clears up any doubts (or unreliable/problematic vision). I know personally I visually add about 15 lbs directly on my thighs when I look in the mirror. Old habits of seeing myself at 200 lbs die hard. This math really rocked my world. Then you can watch her videos for specific body types and/or run all over the web with your new found knowledge!

But don’t stop there. Look for the color analysis worksheet here. I found it very helpful and it is presented in an easy to understand format. Here is my color cheat sheet.Looking at her color chart, I have to agree that the pastels suck on me, and her warm neutrals match exactly with what Cynthia G. told me in my jacket fitting class last summer. Remember she told me that black isn’t my best neutral so I brought home the camel wool for my jacket? I am not entirely sold on the light salmon and C. G.’s recommendation of clear red is missing, but other than that, this list matches Cynthia’s. Alas, I’m still wearing too much black and have a bit more in my stash. I really need to break that “universally flattering” mantra my grandmother taught me. My new mantras need to be “Warm and Rich colors only!” and “Accentuate that waist!”

The final awesome bit? She has a list of styles like Bohemian, Modern, and Romantic with definitions and examples to see if it matches your style comfort zone. Reachel also made a cheat sheet for how to create your own signature style  by mixing and matching these styles (the extended blog post is a must read!).

Now that I have a body type, a color palette, and some new tips, I am ready to take another look at my wardrobe/stash and start my chic mommy transformation. I sent her an email requesting a blog interview specifically for seamstresses and style. If I can snag her expertise, what would you ask her? Post in comments and I will beg her to answer your questions as well as mine, then post all the juicy info! If I lived near her, I would drag her into my sewing room and have a long sit down over coffee and fabric!