Wool Jacket Update

I am so happy with this jacket! Except for the fact that winter is almost over… At least I will have a beautiful couture wool jacket to decorate my closet during our tropical summer.  Now remember that lumpy lapel?

restitched lapelIt is beautiful now! Thanks to some reader tips and Gertie’s video tutorial, I solved my problems and have a nice lapel that lays smooth and wants to flop into position naturally. Notice anything else? The pockets are on! Now, before you look below, think about how you would attach a patch pocket without exposed stitching…

pocket frontThese pockets are so baggy but they mysteriously hide my hips and make my waist look skinnier. What more could a girl ask for? I love how they elongate the angled princess dart but they hide the horizontal line. They turned out really flattering so I’m not complaining; just warning you if you wanted to show off your unique darts, you have to scale down or skip the pocket since moving them down just looks awkward. I know. I tried.

pocket sideSo back to my question. Here is the side view. Normally patch pockets are top stitched and have the fold exposed on the pocket side. These are hand stitched (8 layers of fabric!). I had to switch to unbleached cotton muslin for the underlining as the sturdier interlining would not fold softly. It took some fiddling to get the pocket stitch line abutted with the dart seam to stitch these pockets at a 90 degree angle from the jacket front. I also carefully stitched with the weave of the fabric and perfectly matched thread (thanks to Fabricmart’s thread matching) to conceal my stitches. I am loving them but I’m terrified my son is going to rip them. He tried hanging off of them like a monkey while I was double-checking evenness.  He also likes petting my jacket. He’s going to be a fabric lover like me!

In other fun news: my husband bought a printer and, in his normal man “I’m not reading the manual” fashion, he ended up printing the same form about 30 times. Then I printed off a downloadable pattern guilt-free on the unused side! I am finally going to be able to test-drive the popular Colette Sorbetto top! Though I should really put my jacket sleeves on first…really… maybe…or not.