Misery Loves Company Dress

I hate my party dress and I haven’t even cut the fabric. Le sigh. What happened? I have paper fitted half a dozen patterns, and even went as far as stitching up one and half muslins, and come up with nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Remember this fabric? It has this beautiful border area that I am trying to work into the dress.

orange rose border print

This border is only on one selvage and somehow I didn’t think about that when I only asked for 1.6 yds  in the store! Of course its enough for a party dress, but not for one with a border print full skirt. It is also not stretchy enough for a ruched knit dress. It is silky, but the fused on lace really stiffens up the satin. It is just a fabric that defies being stitched up. Part of me was ready to give up using the border print and throw together a dress, but I didn’t want to do that (stamping foot like my son).

So this rested until I found a cute dress in a Manequim issue I picked up this weekend.

The pattern is of course #11. I am thinking sleeveless with a new style line above the bust darts because that area would be narrow enough to cut front and back on the border. I was actually looking at this article because the cover listed it as “Chique Tudo Dia” or chic every day. The magazine included patterns for this entire wardrobe group (not accessories) and showed how to mix and match the pieces for various occasions/12 outfits. I have also traced out the #4 blouse pattern because I love the sleeves. Alas, in true Manequim fashion, the blouse comes only in one size and its too small so that will have to wait for redrafting. The dress, luckily, came in a multi-sized format. Now, I just need to widen the hips for my bottom-heavy shape and make my other adjustments. Can you believe they don’t mark where the waistline is? Grr. Hopefully, this new pattern will bust my slump and I’ll have a new party dress (even though the party has come and gone). Wish me luck!

PS: In other fun news, I have joined the Winter Swap! It will be my first exchange and I am super excited. I just hope I pick the right things to excite and inspire my exchange buddy Curls and Skirls!

I also joined the Monthly Stitch Collective hosted by the lovely Curious Kiwi and Vintage Modern Cupcakes (who did the Burda Sew-along I participated in). They are going to have challenges every month. I found the Burda Sew-along so enjoyable and motivating that I had to join the group.