Last Winter Update on my Wool Jacket

I threw the bloody thing away!

Not really, but it was a near miss. I am at the point where I need to add bound button holes, before inserting the lining. (Check out Julia Bobbin’s great tutorial here, and she isn’t joking about chocolate being a necessary tool. Chocolate is the only reason my jacket’s not in the rubbish!)

Anyway, I tested it out on scraps of the fashion fabric and interlining. I hate the interlining BTW. The polyester content is great for stiffening things up but it won’t iron down the way I need it to for bound buttons. I tried 3 different variations and other than cutting out the interlining entirely (which would make the fashion fabric too soft and loosely woven for buttons) bound buttons are off the menu.

After all the hand tailoring leading up to this step, I felt like crying. I then tested out machine buttonholes on scrap only to discover the fabric thickness or something is making the 3rd stage (return side of buttonhole) wonky. Like seriously-my-son-learned-some-new-inappropriate-vocabulary wonky.

Now I was ready to chuck it but after a break munching on chocolate with peanuts, I decided to let it be. I plan to finish the rest and test out large snaps, but it means the pretty buttons I bought (all 3 sets because I couldn’t make up my mind in the store) will be stashed and the jacket front won’t have that pretty detail. I have to hunt down pretty snaps since they’ll show when its open.

You’d think a trip to the sewing store would cheer me up but the disappointment with how things are going and the change to Spring has made me pack up the whole project. I’ll come back to it after I finish a few more projects and get some distance/perspective.

Sorry there aren’t any pictures, but my son broke the new camera. Luckily its under warranty and my husband has sent it off. I’ll be posting some but until the camera is back, there won’t be much to see from my sewing machine.