Life changes and Sewing

I know its been really quiet on my blogs, but in truth, my life has been a little crazy. I am moving to the United States and with that move comes a new job, old friends, and a new place to live. Things were very vague and tentative until about the middle of August. Now I have plane tickets!

With this change coming, I ran through my closet looking at potential interview and work outfits. I found a red sleeveless blouse and a pair of brown knit trousers. No interview outfits. Nothing else. Just a top and pants. And sleeveless isn’t really an office look without something. Maybe my gold Laura cardi but that thing is just about worn out, I’ve used it so much! So while my son was sleeping, I pulled out my entire stash, organizing and sorting as I went.

I tried to focus on patterns I’d worked with before like the Simplicity A-line skirt from my Silhouette project. That way I didn’t have to start from scratch. I cleared a few casual wear projects off my table before starting as well so I would have room to work. I’ll post about those eventually.

Here are definite projects as they’ve been cut out and are in various stages of construction:

purple cotton satteen: Sheath dress (B5447), and A-Line skirt (S2152)

purple cotton twill: button up blouse (Deer & Doe Bleuet shortened)

black medium weight knit: Jacket and skirt (V2989

black linen: pencil skirt (Burda 08-2012-111)

shiny black knit: dress (Style Arc Anita lengthened)

black mystery sheer fabric: button up blouse (Burda 07-2010-121 without shoulder frills)

white cotton batiste: button up blouse (Burda 01-2011-102 with long sleeves from the dress version)

Leftover chunks of jersey in black, grey, purple and cream: color blocked camis (Burda 02-2011-102B with self-drafted band to lengthen)

I’m trying to finish all these projects up before our trip to my mother-in-law’s house. When I get back, I’ll have about 4 weeks to finish everything before the move. I plan to reuse some patterns a few more times like the A-line skirt and the pencil skirt. If the Bleuet shirt fits well, I have 3 other Deer and Doe patterns that I am so excited about trying. I just know my time is limited and repeats will speed up the process. The big thing on the list is an interview blazer or jacket in black, and considering the time and materials I have, that may not be doable. But if I reduce my spending for an entire work wardrobe to a few zippers and buttons, a pair of black pumps and stockings, then buying a nice blazer would be very doable.

At this point, all I am working with are solids, in black, gray, purple, and white, in classic shapes so there is no “signature style” but it will give me a great foundation to build on once I get settled in and set up my sewing area. Until then, I’ll just be wearing classic, well-fitting pieces, which actually follows the elegance, understatement and minimalism that is French Chic. I could experiment with a cross between Coco Chanel, Brazilian spice, and modernism. Mmm, food for thought!

I’m still waiting on our camera, so when  I get photos I’ll have a lot of catching up to do, patterns to review, etc., but until then “I’ll be sewing up a storm” as my mother would say.