If it was a snake…

…it would have bit me! You know that feeling when you realize something that’s been staring you in the face? Take a look at this photo from the Burda 02/2011 Italian inspired collection:

Remember how much I said I loved this collection? Now look at this photo:

wedding shot for style post

Notice anything? I was packing my albums and I noticed that I picked almost the same style lines, hair, etc. for my wedding day! A bustier top with beautiful fuller skirt? Check! Flowing brown hair half up and half down? Check! And the jewelry might have been more dramatic than I’m wearing, but this set of jewelry was borrowed from a friend and very sentimental. If not borrowed, I might have ended up with chunkier bling, as I do like that.

Now what woman doesn’t want to feel like a princess on her wedding day? And if she could bring that feeling into her every day looks? It would be perfect, right? So why didn’t I think of this sooner?!?  Well, when I unpack after the move, it is something I can pursue as part of my silhouette project/signature style research.