US Burda Style: A Review

Bs_cover_win14_final_v3edit_largeThe first issue of the US Burda Style hit newstands awhile ago, but I finally went into the large bookstore today and flipped through the issue. It has some good qualities, but I was mostly disappointed.

The issue contains the usual pattern sheets with patterns, but the pattern selection is rather odd. They have patterns from older issues like the popular neons from 08/2012 and the black and white plus size pattern collection from 03/2013. It seems odd that they didn’t pull from current issues.

On the plus side, the pattern sheets are less crowded than the traditional ones. However upon closer inspection, the reason it has fewer patterns is because many of the issue’s patterns are only available via downloads with the issue’s code on burdastyle. com. That annoys me because I prefer tracing to taping together all those sheets of paper. It is one of the reasons why I like buying the magazine even if I only use one or two  patterns in the issue.

The overall content is still 4 “collections” with a few DIY articles and fashion stuff. It feels like the “cutting edge” portion of the fashion is missing. The page with all the pattern fashion mini-photos is missing too.

The final plus is that the subscription is only $20 for four issues with the included subscription card. That is a huge savings compared to the $100+ for a montly subscription. For someone with less time to sew and/or maybe not as interested in owning the entire “collection” offered by Burda, the savings would be appealing.

Overall, this magazine would entice new readers and newer seamstresses with the easier to read pattern pages and lower price. It should attract a broader audience with its availability at chains like Barnes & Noble. It will also draw them to the website with the included downloadable patterns. On the other hand, people already familiar with Burda would most likely find it an inferior version of the monthly magazine.

When I get settled, I plan to subscribe to only one version as the quarterly version is simply a repackaging of stuff from the monthly subscription and I really like having all the options available for tracing.  Which version are you going to choose?