Shedding a few tears…

The time has come! We are moving into our very own townhouse! Today! That being said, I started moving the breakables yesterday, including my sewing machine and serger! I feel like I am coming out of the desert into the promise land.

I had the enjoyable experience of reuniting with my stash that we left in storage years ago. I didn’t think much about it then, but now I realize how much I gutted it before I left. I donated a decade’s worth of accumulation to the charity store: patterns, fabric, notions, trim.  I kept my Vogue Magazines, but the first issue I found from Nov. 2011 (above) was damaged because the box glue stopped sticking and the contents of said box spilled, upending the entire stack. I wonder, if a box falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I haven’t found my fabric, but I know I am going to regret parting with some of it. I remember once I stumbled across a Jo-Anns that was going out of business and I cleaned out over 100 yards of fabric for less than $50. I never had to shop for formal wear or costume fabric again. However, I didn’t feel right storing so much (My entire spare room was a sewing room. I was so spoiled and didn’t even appreciate it!). Therefore to reduce storing expenses, I did it. I remember parting with all that polyester thinking it was the better choice as the other fabrics were too nice to give up.  I hope I remember correctly and that the fabrics I’ve been dreaming about are still in my possession.

Anyway, a friend is coming today so we can catch up and unpack! I have already found part of my yarn stash and presented her with cashmere/silk yarn, Debbie bliss eco cotton, etc. I think she has about 20 skeins including a hand dyed wool blend sock yarn that a dyer made for me after we met during my travels. I just know that with a job and family, my crafting time will be limited. If I have to choose between sewing or knitting/crochet, the sewing wins every time!

Once we get settled and I find everything, I will be posting my completed projects. As you can imagine, I did absolutely no sewing since I’ve been here. My friend’s house was already full of her stuff so my sewing machine and whatnot had to stay in storage. I bet most of you already guessed that with my overambitious plans, but I was really hoping. My new goal is to spend the next few weeks unpacking like a mad woman around holiday commitments so that by December I can sew! I even planned a dinner party the first week of December to keep me motivated. I know it’s an addiction but admitting it doesn’t stop it!