My First Silhouette Project Collection

Meet my mini-wardrobe C.A.T. or Casual Autumn Transitional Mini-Wardrobe. Remember I live in the tropics, so this is not “northern” style. My goal was inspired by this sentence I wrote when I began my silhouette project:

I also tend to sacrifice my “look” for comfort, but I should really be looking for a way to meld the two together.

Basically, this is my first Silhouette Project Collection, a mini-wardrobe of coordinating items that fit and flatter my curves. No more yoga pants and baggy t-shirts to the store!

My design board:


Here’s some sketches and notes along with fabric ideas. As I worked through various items, some fell through and were crossed off the “list.” Others started with hearts as TNTs, but were never paired with a fabric.

How I chose my fabric:

I picked up some great color selection advice from the Vivienne Files Wardrobe posts. After the Silhouette project analysis, I know one of my “Go to Colors” is Turquoise, so I hit the stash and found a lightweight cotton sweater knit in that exact color. Love!

Then, I pulled out my color wheel. Blue-green is directly across from red-orange or burnt Rust. Blue-green also works with yellow and purple in its four square combo. Having a color wheel in my sewing box really helped me work out a few kinks.  On the other hand, I started bow neck blouse, but eventually set it aside. It was browns with pink, but was “cool” rather than “warm” like the other fabrics. The moral of the story: the color wheel starts the process, but you, the designer, has to make the final call. Ultimately, you’re going to have to train your eyes to pair tones and intensity.

Thanks to Vivienne’s recommendation of two colors and three neutrals to balance a wardrobe, I worked off the turquoise with a dark brown and creams. It helped me maintain my focus throughout the month even with all the changes.


Here’s me playing with the color palette in watercolors. The top sheet is my son’s. I usually use colored pencils, but he wanted to water color and I had my sketchbook on the table and decided to play with it.

I ended up with mostly stash fabrics and patterns. I’ve posted a few reviews over at Pattern Review if you want to take a peak. Otherwise, pictures with me in clothes will be posted soon!

I have three pieces complete with the fourth needed some hand stitching around the zipper and a hook and eye. I have one wadder and need one more piece if I am going to enter it into the Mini Wardrobe Contest over on Pattern Review. It ends tomorrow. We’ll see if I can do it!