Thoughts on Vogue’s New Collection

Sometimes when I see Vogue’s trendy stuff all I can say is “huh?” There are a few gems though.

First, I love Sandra Betzina’s new sportswear combo.

V1452 cute knit top with wide leg pull-on pants. I’m a little concerned about the back of the pants based on the photo of the model, but it could be the model’s lack of curves?

Here are the two dresses I’m thinking about buying. Trouble is I have tons of dress patterns I haven’t used. Why buy more?

V1448 cute faux wrap dress with contrast belt. I love the tiers/layers of the skirt! I think this would really flatter my figure.
V1446 is really beautiful yet complex white dress. The back is lovely and all the pin tucks are intense. I think it would be a couture style project if I did invest the time.
V1455 by MIzono seems to be a reversible girl’s dress. Too cute! Not buying it, but still admiring it.

Here some nice skirts but the tops are extremely questionable!

V1454 and check out those shoes! Shirt is a complete bust!
V1451 has a really cute mermaid skirt with elastic waistband. The shirt looks like it could work as a maternity top.

What are you all thinking? Any winners that will make it into your collection?