Travel Top #1

I’m in BRAZIL!!! If you remember, way be here, I was planning to sew for my “summer” in Brazil. Here’s my first travel top.

IMG_20150618_182713I was so busy sewing, I didn’t blog, but now I’m catching my clothes in action. For this top, I cut the shoulders size 18 and graded out to 20 at the waist and smoothed it out to the hem so its half way between 20/22 at the hem. I then used the Threads FBA adjustment for knits to go up from a B to a C. I didn’t need the full bicep adjustment for this one. I shortened the back-waist length by 1″.

IMG_20150618_182801Based on the back photo, I probably could narrow the upper back a little and maybe add some “junk in the truck” room. As you can see, I used the denim-esque 4-way stretch remnant for the body and collar, and used the remaining navy jersey from this version of StyleArc’s Laura cardigan for the sleeves.

IMG_20150618_182732I love this style! Super simple, easy, and fast. I’m definitely making this pattern again!

IMG_20150618_182645My son gives it a huge grin! Overall, I’d recommend M6796 as a great wardrobe building tee.