The first work blouse is cut!

The first style I am going to use for my Teacher Wardrobe/Mix & Match Uniform is a version of the bow blouse.

Here’s the inspirational style found on through Pinterest:
Top breakdown: lovely soft fabric, gathered neckline with bow, pleat details, gathered bottom. Soft/feminine, and when paired with trousers or pencil skirt should make an excellent modest top for work.

Pattern match:
Burda Plus Bow Neck Top 10/2014 #136 features a crepe or viscose blouse with bow detail and jersey raglan sleeves/hem band.

My fabric:

A gorgeous, soft, rayon print I found here in Brazil. I matched it to a silky, matte, creamy white jersey from the same store (Goval Malhas, Ipatinga, MG, Brasil).

I am a little concerned that each one is styled with jeans, but I’m going with my gut on this one. Rather than add pleats, I decided the fabric would be enough for visual interest. I didn’t have to do an FBA here. (I wonder if Burda Plus is drafted on C rather than B cups…) I cut 44 shoulders/bust, 46 waist/hem. No bicep adjustment for the jersey sleeve. No back waist either, as it isn’t fitted enough to need it. I may shorten it up before adding the jersey hem band. We’ll see how the test run goes. I’ll keep you posted!