And the award goes to M6514


The fabric was pretty and the idea was nice, but the fabric was too lightweight to hold up the pockets, let alone the weight of all the gathered details at the CF. Another additional error occurred mid-project. My husband was making something for a political protest (US Brazilians protesting the current president of Brazil) and he left the scissors on the sewing table next to the half completed pants. When I went back to sew, there were strange triangular cuts all over the pants. My husband blames my son as he only cut once and would NEVER cut on top of one of my sewing projects. Not sure what to believe…Either way, I couldn’t save them.

Anyway, here is a real woman wearing her version of the pants in a heavier weight jersey. I may try again, but honestly, I’m thinking a petite plus-sized woman may not want to touch these with a 12 foot pole.