Baby Quilts (part 1)

At first glance this probably seems like another ambitious moment with the quilts plural. In reality, it is because we’ve had an unexpected surprise: TWINS! My first ultrasound revealed two little buns in the oven. It really was a kick in the butt to get started on the baby sewing and maternity sewing as I need more time than I originally estimated to get it all done.

Last Saturday, while my husband took my son on a father/son date, I cut two fun & done quilts, essentially the strips for 72 quilt blocks and 72 backing/binding pieces. Have you ever seen this type of quilt? The batting and backing are pre-cut too.

fabric cut

It makes it super easy to actually complete a quilt in a timely manner without a long arm machine. I think they’re super cute too!

Because of the way the front and back are sewn directly to the batting, it removes a number of steps! It does come out a little sloppier in terms of not being able to perfectly align the blocks in later steps, but for a functional daily use quilt, it makes a busy mom/seamstress’ life easier. At this point I managed to finish 36 blocks in a week and a half! I will keep you posted.