Thinking v. Doing

I’ve been thinking about sewing. I’ve been drawing, reading, and experimenting. I haven’t been sewing. Honestly, it’s been good.

While in Brazil, I read two textbooks about fashion design and fashion illustration. They were quick reads and filled with exercises and assignments. While I didn’t do all the homework, I enjoyed the space and time to grow mentally and artistically.

I visited my favorite fabric shop while there. I bought a little but mostly just enjoyed browsing.

I recommend pausing sewing to think about fashion and project planning. For me the online sewing community is inspiring but I feel like some are falling into a produce and publish mantra similar to professors who must “publish or perish”. Consumerism and fast fashion has impacted the DIY world. I really want to embrace my personal aesthetic and slow fashion for ethical and environmental reasons. I’ve already stopped buying synthetic fabric because of the wash pollution. I even label check for fiber content in all clothing purchases for my family. I plan to use stash fabrics and notions while thoughtfully planning a project here and there. I want my art to be something I can enjoy and be proud of.

My kids are my priority. Designing and making are forms of self-care. I will never be able to keep up with professional bloggers, but that’s not why I blog. I needed to say that for myself a lot recently. I don’t know why I feel like I should do more or be more, but there it is.