Inclusivity and Butterick

Butterick really took inclusivity and sewing to a new level this collection with dutch wax prints, a hijab, a plus model, etc.

Check out the lookbook

While not shown in the lookbook, the long wide scarf in B6636 was worn as a hijab in a different photo.

I commend them for making a strong statement about inclusivity in ethnicities, cultures and size ranges. This topic has been heavily discussed in the online sewing community over the past few months. I became aware of this discussion from this blogpost. Read more about the discussion on here, listened to a podcast, and in the folds’ vlog

I’m happy to see a major pattern company following the lead of the sewing community and indie patterns.

All women are beautiful and seeing that embraced is wonderful. I think for me, the best part has been seeing myself as more beautiful as the representations of beauty represent more than 1 look/size.

I’m older and wiser in many ways but body image post twins has been challenging. Learning more about all of this has helped me become less critical of my plus size self and aware of the false assumptions about beauty I’ve carried for years.