What’s a mom to do? (My mental health and sewing story)

I recently made a simple oversized tee from the Maker’s Atelier. I love the fabric and chose a pattern I’ve used before.

It was a fast project that I eeked out of a yard of fabric.

I love everything about this top. I mean a comfy cotton tee that goes with leggings? Perfection. Except I still look pregnant and the twins are 2+ now.

I almost cried. I spoke to my neighbor about it while the kids played. She looked me square in the eye and said,

You may not realize it, but I see that you’ve been struggling. You had to get your mental health before you can do the rest. You’ve come a long way this year. Your happier and not stressed all the time. You don’t look so tired. Now you’ll be able to get to the rest.

I cannot tell you how awesome it was to hear that. Sometimes we get so focused on our waistlines, we forget that health is a much bigger topic.

I survived a very rough year. I left teaching because one of the twins had major health issues and he needed me at home. My father was diagnosed with a terminal degenerative disease that slowly stole him from us. I struggled with depression. My personal relationships struggled as my mental and physical health tanked.

I know I was pushing forward with my sewing business before because it gave me a sense of purpose and a space to get away from the stress of my life.

I took her words to heart. I decided to step forward. That honest assessment from a straight talking woman I trust really helped me see myself differently. I cut my hair (and to be honest there was a matted section where I would wear my ponytail from forgetting to brush so often).

I’ve started doing some swimming at the YMCA. I love that they have childcare for parents and morning swims are so peaceful/relaxing. It is my “me time” just as much if not more than sewing. I can be so present in the moment when I’m swimming.

I just wanted to share my story. I know people have been talking about mental health and sewing. I think anything that allows you to be in the moment and stop thinking about the problems in your daily life is necessary. It’s not just a hobby or an exercise routine. It is something that is your time.

Now if you think there’s an after picture with a skinny me, there isn’t. I haven’t lost weight but it feels like a huge weight was lifted. It’s allowed me to put myself out there for new opportunities. I’m really looking forward to my tomorrows. That is what matters.